The Story Behind The Series

After enjoying a few years of artistic success, my little family and I decided to return to Florida for a change of pace. I set out to find new inspiration in my hometown and reacquaint myself with my cultural roots. Being in Miami’s art scene once again was exhilarating but I found myself longing for Hawaii every day. I realized my art has a Latin soul, but its home is in the Pacific. 

I returned to Hawaii with a renewed sense of purpose and appreciation. I’ve been welcomed warmly by friends, fellow artists, and my wonderful fans. Once again I’m inspired by the bold colors, sights, scents, music, and beauty of Hawaii. This newfound joy is what I wanted express with my new work. 

3D POP COLLECTION is a deluxe paper-sculpture series that transforms my flat images into dynamic multi-dimensional scenes. Each layer is carefully cut, shaped and assembled by me to create bold images that pop off the page.