It All Starts With You

Whether a gift for someone you love or a celebration of yourself, my one-of-a-kind portraits will make you feel special. Each image is lovingly designed to capture your unique essence and love of the islands. 

My process begins with me getting to know you. Do you have a favorite memory of Hawaii? Is there something special you want to express about yourself? After getting a sense of your story and collecting your reference photos, I put together a concept sketch for your review. No worries if you’re not on island. These days social media and email make it easier than ever to collaborate!

We work on the theme, colors and elements together. I pay careful attention to all the little physical nuances that make you, you. The end result is a beautiful print, hand-detailed by me in Hawaii, signed and delivered right to you door. 

Hand-Detailed and Unique

Each image is printed on UV-coated canvas, hand-detailed and personally inspected by me. Shipping is available worldwide for your convenience. Please allow 4-6 weeks to complete. 

Design Rates Based On the Following: 

- Size of canvas: 16"x 20", "20x26", 30"x36" (custom sizes available)

- Number of subjects to be included in image (group rate may differ)

- Intended Use. Commercial use requires a separate licensing fee. 

- Deadline needed

- Schedule availability 

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